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Australia's trusted credit repair specialists

As licensed credit repair specialists, we may be able to help fix bad credit and improve your credit score giving you access to better credit options.

We solve bad credit.

Take control and rely on trusted credit repair experts

Negative information on your credit report can severely impact your way of life. Let us have a look at how we may be able to assist you to repair your credit

Unfair, incorrect or misleading data
on your credit report can stop you moving forward

We take the hassle out of credit repair so you don't have to navigate some of the complex rules and regulations surrounding consumer credit.

Default Listings

Credit providers can report a default listing when your debt is more than 60 days overdue, greater than $150, and the correct notices have been sent to your last known address.

Court Judgments

If a debt you owe is overdue, the creditor can submit an application to a court for a court judgment or court order requiring you to pay the debt by a certain date.

Incorrect details

Credit reporting bodies use other information about you to assess your level of risk including employment history and address. It's important you keep all information up-to-date.

Credit Enquiries

When you apply for finance the credit provider will access your credit report to determine whether they should approve the loan or not. The information is recorded as an enquiry.

Repayment History

Some credit providers can report your repayment history. If you do not pay the minimum amount within 14 days after the due date, this will show as a missed payment.

Commercial data

If you are a company director or self employed you may be personally liable for some debts. As a guarantor for the debt it may show on your consumer credit report.

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Why is good credit important

We take the hassle out of credit repair so you don't have to navigate some of the complex rules and regulations surrounding consumer credit.

Lower interest rates

Achieve financial goals

Better negotiating power

Avoid embarrassment

More lenders to choose from

Increased borrowing power

Don't wait up to 7 years

When information is lodged correctly it can stay on your credit report for up to 7 years. Each piece of information affects your credit score. Let us help you understand your credit report and the information it contains. We may be able to remove information based on a number of factors which may improve your credit score.


5-7 years


7 years


5 years

Enquiry listings

5 years

Repayment History

2 years


1 year

We've built a team of experts

We take the hassle out of credit repair so you don't have to navigate some of the complex rules and regulations surrounding consumer credit.

Read what our clients think

Highly recommend! Best in the industry!
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Highly recommend to anyone who’s looking to fix there credit score/report. He responds almost instantly and keeps in regular contact through out the whole process. With awesome results!
Very professional .No nonsense service
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I used this company to sort out a couple of issues i had on my credit file. They done what they said they would do and no hassle. Would recommend them to everyone that has some issues.
So grateful
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The gentleman that helped me with my situation was straight forward with me at all times and always friendly and polite. Always available to speak with me and answer my questions. Just a great person to help me so quickly
Rachelle Wilkins
Rachelle Wilkins
100% happy
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So happy with everything Richard has done. Always talking me through step by step and super fast and effective. Would recommend this company. Now my future begins.
Kody James
Kody James
Great team, they are unbelievable at their job!
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I would recommend big tick to all family and friends, especially if you don’t understand the process of defaults or how they affect you. Thank you big tick credit repair!!
Over the years many enquires and…
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Over the years many enquires and defaults and credit check has worked on my file with exemplary results and in a perfect manner of time
Exceptional Service and Quick Outcomes
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They are very caring and understanding, they definitely know what they are doing, they provide frequent updates giving you confidence and peace of mind throughout the process. Very grateful.

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